True Roots Shop was started in West Palm Beach by a Florida native who has a passion for the Earth and essential oils. In an effort to bring accessorizing and aromatherapy together, in an eco-conscious  manner, True Roots Shop was born.

In collaboration with Mother Earth, I have created a jewelry line using BAMBOO, one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Making it not only eco-friendly, but also extremely light weight! 

Mission: To provide an eco-conscious accessory that is both stylish and aroma therapeutic for anyone. 

Our products are thoughtfully created, for those who want to feel good about what they buy. 

- NO MORE chemical perfumes that absorb into your skin! Just apply essential oils to your jewelry and enjoy ALL day. 

- NO MORE single use packaging that is harsh on the environment. All of our packaging is recycled, and can be repurposed or reused. 

- MORE trees planted! With every purchase, a dollar is donated to One Tree Planted, and allocated towards reforestation.